Tips for preparing your home for winter conditions in Flagstaff

  • Inspect roof, and gutters 

Have a qualified inspector check your roof for leaks or worn tiles.  As the temperature drops below 32 degrees leaks or worn tiles may be fixed simply and if not serviced can lead to major damage.  Clear gutters of debris as this may lead to ice damming.  Ice damming can deteriorate your roof tiles by expanding the tiles as ice develops.     Heat strips may also be used as a prevention device. 

  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

If already installed, check the battery and "test" each device.  Install carbon monoxide detectors close to your furnace and/or hot water heater.  

  • plumbing 

Locate and shut off water main in the event of an emergency or extended absence.  Drain all garden hoses and irrigation systems.  Insulate all exposed pipe and if you       have a air conditioning unit with a water shut-off valve shut it off.

  • service/prepare fireplace

Screen the top of your chimney to keep out rodents or birds.  Have a qualified professional perform a chimney sweep.  If you have a gas fireplace, clean areas under and    around fireplace of debris as this is a fire hazard.  

  • clear walkways/pathways of snow and ice

Remove snow and ice for safety of you and others to prevent slip and fall liability.  Spread salt or cinders in walkways to improve traction.  Check for uneven pavement on    your property as it may expand when temperatures drop.  Repair and place ground under repair sign in areas that have become uneven in order to prevent personal            liability.

  • special instructions for vacant dwelling

Notify neighbors of extended absence.  Set heat to 55 degrees.  Shut off water main.  Home concierge services are available to service your home while you are away.