When searching for insurance for yourself or your business there are vast options available.  In the information age, it's crucial to know how to use the tools you are given to your advantage.  

Independent Insurance Agencies provide benefits that others do not.  GEICO, Progressive, StateFarm, Allstate are just a few insurance companies that have taken the information age by storm by mass marketing spending billions in marketing dollars.  But.  Marketing money aside, there is something missing with these large insurance carriers...

Diversity and relationships are the cornerstone to the value of the independent insurance agency.  The independent agent brings a 'you first' approach through carrier relationships.  Unlike the insurance companies mentioned above, the independent agency can customize insurance to fit your needs through their network of carriers.  This customization may have a few distinct benefits:


  • pricing - A gecko or Flo may not be the answer.  Reducing your insurance premiums is the result of each carrier's "experience" in a particular geographic location as it relates to you the consumer.  There are many other factors involved in determining insurance rates but one thing is certain, each carrier looks at their history of claims per location and risk (risk being the type of customer they will insure).  If this is true, finding a carrier with an excellent claims history and, therefor, a competitive pricing structure for you will most likely not come from researching only one insurance company.  If you had a agent that understood the insurance buying marketplace and had the resources to research and provide those options then, in terms of pricing, you are better prepared to get the best pricing available in your area through that agent/agency.


  • customization - Each insurance carrier provides insurance coverage to you the consumer based on what they think you will purchase.  These unique benefits include accident forgiveness, diminishing deductible, high insurance limits, more robust roadside coverage and many others.  Dealing with a carrier directly gives you the opportunity to take advantage of only the unique benefits that this specific carrier provides.  A network of carriers through an independent insurance agency, will give more resources and a better opportunity to take advantage of these unique benefits.  Imagine calling your agency with a goal in mind and employing that agency to go find what best fits you as a consumer.  This can prove to pay big benefits in your time of need.


  • knowledge - Simply put, independent insurance agencies are generally more versed in insurance coverage.  Obviously, this is a rule of thumb and it is not uniform but keep in mind that speaking with a customer service representative on an 800 number is a much different value proposition than an independent insurance agent.  Look at it this way, unexperienced insurance agents or customer service representatives are more likely to work for a big carrier than that of a independent agency.  How many independent insurance agency owners can you imagine working for an insurance carrier directly as a contact person when you call the 800 number?  The reason this is not likely is because when an agency owner builds the network of carriers, and uses knowledgeable to form a partnership with those carriers in order to best serve you.  As a result, they bring a far better value to you through their understanding of what best fits you. 


  • experience - To the point above, it is difficult to acquire insurance carrier contracts in order to establish a partnership with them.  Furthermore, independent insurance carriers will not provide contracts (access) to agents that are not qualified to sell their products.  There is a process of qualifying as a agency to do business with carriers and part of the process is experience.  When approved for a contract, the independent agency must adhere to continuing education for each carrier.  As a result, it becomes much easier for a new insurance agent to only deal with one company.  Juggling continued education with each carrier speaks to a level of commitment and experience for your independent insurance agent.

GE Insurance Agency is committed to better serving you through commitment, knowledge, experience and unparalleled resources.  Our mission to you is to provide competitive pricing and well conceived insurance solutions. 

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