If you are in need of hotel insurance in arizona there may be a few "must have" items as part of your Hotel Owners Insurance Package.  


First, if the lowest price is what you are after, keep in mind that hotel insurance carriers typically change their rates annually.  If you haven't reviewed your policy in awhile you should.  The insurance buying marketplace for hotels is changing dramatically and here are a few things to look for...

Customized Coverage - It is relatively simple to purchase an insurance policy for your hotel but finding specialized coverage is harder.   It comes down to finding an insurance agency that has access to the carriers that bring these unique benefits to your table.  For example, in the event of a claim some carriers offer enhanced hotel coverage for Business Personal Property (TV's, furniture, beds, chairs, computers, POS System etc.) which may come in handy.  Also, look for insurance coverage on personal property of the guests in the hotel.   This coverage is often overlooked and is valued at claim time.  Another coverage to look for is 100 percent building coverage (which is guaranteed by some insurance carriers).  Ultimately, when customizing insurance coverage for your hotel in is important to rely on a professional that knows the insurance carriers and their unique product lines.  This approach typically allows you to have the best coverage for the money at your hotel.  

Combining Insurance - When you combine your General Liability Insurance with Property, Workers Compensation Insurance, Business Auto Insurance and Commercial Umbrella Insurance you will almost certainly get a discount on ALL your insurance.  Insurance carriers prefer to have all these insurance lines with their company and will discount their premiums to get them!

Service - Finding an agency that will take the time to identify cost saving measures for your insurance only helps.  Taking pictures, reviewing Business Personal Property, applying credits where necessary are all cost saving measures that your insurance agency should provide you.  


Please call or email us for more information on how we can help you.  The proces is simple for you!