if you are in search of Commercial Insurance for your Bar or Tavern you may find it more difficult to find competitive rates and coverage.  Top insurance carriers for these policies are projecting premium increases for 2014.  However, there are a few things to look for when considering purchasing a policy for your business.

Coverage over Premium - Yes, getting a smashing deal on your bar insurance is euphoric.  There is nothing like saving 30% by shopping your policy (and consequently this is exactly what you should do), but coverage trumps savings.  If you can find coverage and price savings then, and only then, have you found "it".  In 2014 most carriers are taking rate increases in Arizona.  At least one factor in this change in pricing is liability claims.  As a result, carriers are changing how they insure each location by offering a reduction in benefits as it pertains to general liability and liquor liability.  The moral of the story here is to find the carriers that have specialized coverage for Bars/Taverns and are competitive in pricing.  One way to find "it" is to do research through an independent agent.  Moreover, find one that specializes in your industry.  The more specialized the agent is, the better the chance of you finding best in class premium and coverage. 


Insurance Carriers are not made equally - When it comes to Bar/Tavern insurance who do you want on your side in the event of a claim?  It can be argued that in 2014 the very best option available in terms of overall pricing and coverage is Badger Mutual Insurance Company.  If you qualify for the coverage, they provide a formidable solution for your industry.  One caveat, the insurance buying marketplace is rapidly changing so this may not always be the case.  There are many carriers that will provide coverage, but beware of the exclusions.  If you have a liability claim the last thing you want is excluded coverage or high deductibles.  Ultimately you are searching for robust limits with no dedctible.  

There are many more considerations when purchasing Bar or Tavern insurance.  Please contact a qualified professional so that they may help review and recommend an insurance carrier that is right for you.  

 Joe Eden