Flagstaff Flood Insurance

Local Knowledge

Whether you have a business in downtown Flagstaff on San Fransisco, or a home in Cheshire we are able to apply the appropriate coverage for flood insurance.

Do you need Flood Insurance? What is Covered?

Is your home or business in Flagstaff's 100 year Floodplain?

Why Flood Insurance?

Loss due to flooding can be very expensive. A rule of thumb is that each inch of flooding will cost the unprotected over $7,000. The last thing you need are worries on how to pay for the flood damage. You do not want to add to the anguish you already feel.

Contact GE Insurance Agency and receive a thorough education on how flood insurance works in Flagstaff. We will review what it covers (appliances and items inside the home) and what it does not (decks and items outside the home).

GE Insurance Agency Your Flagstaff Flood Insurance Expert

Flagstaff Flood insurance protection is meaningless after a flood. Plus, every flood insurance policy carries a 30 day waiting period before it can take effect. So act now!

At GE Insurance Agency we have insured the residents and business of Flagstaff from unpredictable flooding since 2007. It is one of the specialties of our agency. We will make sure we share all of our knowledge with you.

When you can minimize risk from flooding for such a small cost, you have to do it. You have to protect your family and your assets. Complete the Protection Savings Form today for a free quote. The flood insurance veterans at GE Insurance Agency will forever ease your fears of flooding.